6th Canadian Symposium on HCV - 6ème Symposium canadien sur le VHC

Friday, March 3rd, 2017 / Vendredi 3 Mars 2017

The Fairmont Banff Springs, Banff, AB


CanHepC 2017 Annual Meeting


Reunion annuelle 2017 de CanHepC

(CanHepC members and invited guests only)

March 4, 2017 - 4 Mars 2017

Location: The Banff Centre, Banff


  photo pacmeeting

CanHepC is a collaborative network funded by CIHR and PHAC to establish a continuous pipeline from discovery to implementation to reduce HCV transmission, cure and improve the quality of life of persons infected with HCV, and to work towards the eradication of HCV infection in Canada.

Our overarching goal is to conduct innovative and interdisciplinary research, build research capacity, and translate evidence for uptake into practice and policy, to improve HCV prevention and health outcomes of Canadians and contribute to the global effort to reduce HCV burden worldwide. We gather basic, clinical, and population health research.

A large component of our development plan is dedicated to knowledge transfer and implementation to develop preventive measures, treatment strategies and to positively impact quality of life issues while taking into account cost-effectiveness.

Another major goal of CanHepC is enhanced training of the next generation of highly qualified personnel to increase the uptake and implementation of research results into the different priority areas. CanHepC recruits and provides stipend support and training to graduate, post-doctoral students and MDs who have demonstrated excellence early in their careers. Trainees are applicants that are registered with a graduate program at one of the ten institutions. The training program employs the knowledge and experience of mentors across Canada from multiple disciplines that have played a major role in recent advances in hepatitis C research and their ability to train excellent researchers.